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Terme di Vulci

Just 6 km from the Archaeological Park of Vulci, the Terme di Vulci are one of the most beautiful attractions of the Tuscia Viterbese, a corner of relaxation and well-being completely immersed in the unspoiled nature of the Tuscan-Lazio Maremma.
The natural pools are perfectly integrated between the cultivated fields of Tuscia, creating a perfect wellness oasis where you can relax and let yourself be pampered by the beneficial properties of the thermal waters.
The waters of the Terme di Vulci are bicarbonate, sulphated, calcium, magnesium, fluorinated, ferruginous and acidic, naturally carbonated, are ideal in the treatment of arthro-rheumatic and dermatological diseases.
Four elegant pools, the first of pure spring water at 42 degrees, the water gradually cools down to a temperature of 30 degrees in the last pool.


Vulci’s waters are natural and hyperthermal at 42 ° C, naturally carbonated and rich in mineral salts, the water is bicarbonate-sulphate-calcium-magnesian-fluorinated-ferruginous-acidulous and microbiologically pure (Lazio Region Mining Concession Dir. n 1675 of 17 July 2008).

Thanks to its beneficial properties and the richness of mineral salts, Vulci water is ideal in the treatment of arthro-rheumatic diseases and is used in balneo-therapies for the treatment of dermatological diseases and phlebopathies.


At the Terme di Vulci there are three swimming pools, two with ferruginous thermal water and a sports pool. The first pool is fed by water at a temperature of 42 ° C (baths not exceeding 20 minutes recommended), in the next pool, always thermal, the temperature is 38 ° C lower. Both pools are fed by spring waters, the different temperatures and also the different colors are due to the different depths of water extraction. The last of the three pools houses three beautiful olive trees in the center.


The Vulci thermal spring was already exploited in Etruscan times for the beneficial and curative properties of these ferruginous waters. Subsequently, the Romans also exploited these waters, creating the first thermal baths, the Tubs of the Hundred Rooms, a series of baths that included, among other things, a Calidarium, a Tiepidarium and a Frigidarium, in the center of the pools there was a natium in the shape of a eight. But some thermal pools also existed inside the private villas, as evidenced by the numerous archaeological finds near Vulci. The thermal waters of Vulci were also very popular in later times, the same Luciano Bonaparte (brother of the better known Napoleon) had a thermal center built, the Casale del Bagno, a rectangular basin fed directly by a natural spring.


Viale delle Terme – Riminino area
01011 Canino VT
Tel:+39 0761 438574
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Email : info@termedivulci.com


Every day: from 10.00 to sunset


Daily (weekdays): Adults € 17 | Children 4-12 years € 8 | Children 0-3 years free
Daily pass (holidays, weekends, long weekends and holidays): Adults € 25 | Children 4-12 years € 10 | Children 0-3 years free


The Terme di Vulci rise near the famous archaeological park, are located in the province of Viterbo, in the municipality of Canino, in the upper Tuscia Laziale.

Reaching the Terme di Vulci by car:

  • from the south: Rome-Civitavecchia / Tarquinia motorway, continue on the S.R. 312 following the signs for the Archaeological Park of Vulci, then follow the S.P. 106 towards Ischia di Castro, then follow the signs for the Terme di Vulci
  • from the north: Livorno-Grosseto, then follow the S.S.1 Aurelia taking the exit for Vulci, then continue following the signs for Terme di Vulci